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Set of Four Dining Chairs
Item: 5232-5235
Leather Button Back Chair
Item: 5039
Hand Antiqued Leather Armchair
£1826 (As illustrated)
Item: 5038
Buttoned Back Armchair
£1202 (As illustrated)
Item: 5040
French Oak Dining Chairs
£358 (EACH)
Item: 4975-4981
Tan Leather Chair
Item: 4939
Double Woven Cane Winged Armchair
Item: 4889
'Berries' Natural and Blue Wool and Jute pouffe
Item: 5192-5196
Vintage Rattan Chair
Item: 2000
Set of Six Dining Chairs
£375 (Each As illustrated)
Item: 254 - 259
Elaborate Caned Chair
Item: 5057
Solid Cherrywood Side Chairs
SOLD (Each WERE £375 EACH!)
Item: 1748/1749
Round Grey Leather Effect Foot Stool
Item: 4687
Pretty Fauteuil Armchair
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4494
Cuba Brown Leather Armchair
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4501
Vintage Leather Winged Chair
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4500

At Piper Chatfield we have an array of fine furniture options that help add to the atmosphere and style of a space. Seating makes one of the most important elements of a home and we have some great options. Whether you are looking for a super comfortable fauteuil armchair, buttoned back armchair, perfect for you to lose yourself in a book, or a quirky French oak dining chairs to pair up with your latest dining table find, we are sure to provide you with something that you will love.

Browse through our range of set of dining chairs, brown leather armchair, tan leather chair, leather button back chair, cane chairs, etc.