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Available in Our Shop » Decorative

Set of 4 Plated Champagne Flutes
Item: 5171-5180
Set of 4 Plated Red Wine Glasses
Item: 5161-5170
Set of 4 Champagne Flutes
Item: 5063-5066
Set of 4 Smoked Stem Champagne Flutes
Item: 5051-5056
Deer Head Wall Hanger
Item: 5059
Hand Painted Red Dragon Vase
Item: 4246
Item: 4960-4962
Ships Decanter
Item: 4963-4964
Globe Vase
Item: 4955-4957
Grey Tweed Vase
Item: 4958-4959
Tweed Vase
Item: 4952-4954
Tortoiseshell Lantern/Vase
Item: 4948-4951
Koi and Waterliliy Umbrella Stand
Item: 4765
Set of 4 Silver Mirror Coasters
Item: 4922-4933
Set of 4 Gold Mirror Coasters
Item: 4910-4921
Brass Hanging Lantern
Item: 4905
Small Monastery Lantern
Item: 4890-4891
Tall Closed Pine Cone Decoration
Item: 4886-4887
Faux Leather Bulldog Doorstop
Item: 5202-5206
'Berries' Natural and Blue Wool and Jute pouffe
Item: 5192-5196
Antique Grey and Gold Large Wall Clock
Item: 4773/4842
Oversized Clear Glass Gipar Vase
Item: 4772
Oversized Clear Bolero Vase
Item: 4771
Tea Caddy Decorated with Birds and Flowers
Item: 4769
Round Vase with Blue and Gold Decoration
Item: 4576
Antique Style Brass Lantern
Item: 4892-4897
Peacock Bookends
Item: 4691
Pineapple Bookends
Item: 4942-4946
Round Grey Leather Effect Foot Stool
Item: 4687
Large Skeletal Wall Clock
Item: 4847/4850
Oversized Metal Skeletal Wall Clock
Item: 4855-4858
The Bai Mei Jar
Item: 4298
Golden Ginger Jar with Birds
Item: 4755
Blue and White Chest
Item: 4751
The Lian Wen Moon Flask
Item: 4280
Large Silver Lantern
£190 (As Illustrated)
Item: 4377
Triple Leather Suitcase Chest
£950 (As Illustrated)
Item: 4499
Small Blue and White Crackle Urn
£315 (As Illustrated)
Item: 4486
Large Blue and White Crackle Urn
£396 (As Illustrated)
Item: 4487
Koi & Waterlilies Chinese Porcelain Stool
Item: 4273
Beautiful 'Butterflies' Chinese Porcelain Stool
Item: 4274
Handsome Trunks Available Seperately or as a Set
£895 (Set of three)
Item: 3770/3658/3657
Pale Celadon Glazed Teapot by John Jeffs of the Cotswold Pottery
Item: 285
Large Painted Wall Clock
Item: 3925
Pale Sapphire Glass Bowl
£55 (Also available in Pale Teal)
Item: 3330/3328
Rabbit Doorstop
Item: 5197-5201
Teddy Bear Doorstop
Item: 3800
Imperial Yellow Umbrella Stand
£70 (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3891
Red Thread Silk Vase
Item: 3321
Salt Glaze Pot by John Jeffs of the Cotswold Pottery
Item: 151
Bai Mei Jar
Item: 3900
Laser Etched Chinese Zodiac Birth Sign
£22 (Each)
£350 (SPECIAL OFFER WAS £529!)
Item: 529
Large Silver Giraffe
Item: 4877-4882
Small Silver Giraffe
Item: 4861-4870
Champagne Flora Large Hand Painted Box
Item: 4851/4852
Romano Giant Trumpet Vase
Item: 4257
Stylish Table Centre
Item: 3345
"Lily" Sitting Whippet by John Douglas Piper
Item: 4972
Turquoise Glass Peacock Bowl
Item: 4062
John Jelfs Bottle Vase
Item: 632
Blue and White Umbrella Stand
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 5219
Hummingbirds Umbrella Stand
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4910
Large Monastery Lantern
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 5041-5046
Copper Giraffe Head Wall Hanger
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 5060
Umbrella Stand with Butterflies
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4986
Tall Porcelain Williow Vase
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4766
Set of 2 Gold Metal Hanging Cages
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4808
Filigree Wall Plaques Finished in Antique Gold
Item: 4802
Tea Caddy with Landscape Decoration
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4767
Tied Narcissus Bunch
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4652
Golden Pineapple
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4683
Canada Goose with Head Turned
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4391
Canada Goose with Head Forward
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4941
Blue and White Ginger Jar
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3903
Small Blue Lidded Pot
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4102
Large Blue Lidded Pot
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4104
Small Hawksbill Turtle
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4388
Hummingbirds & Lilies Chinese Porcelain Stool
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4172
Peacock & Peonies Chinese Porcelain Stool
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4223
Replica Kudo Horns on Ebonized Wooden Base
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 2146
Teal & Coffee Large Glass Bowl
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4717
The Crane and the Turtle Chinese Bronze Sculpture
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4814
Green Umbrella Stand
SOLD (Awaiting more stock)
Item: 4740
A Pair of Apple & Pear Bookends
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 2103
Round Tea Caddy with Wooden Stand
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 2209
Ankole-Watusi Horns
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4664
Bowes Black Armilliary Globe Bookends
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 2044
Bramble & Foxglove Hare Bookends by Harriet Glen
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3701
Mare & Foal Cold Cast Bronze Sculpture by Harriet Glen
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3540
Moon Daisy Hare Cold Cast Bronze by Harriet Glen
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4306
Dahlia Large Hand Painted Glass Box
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3685
Purple and Gold Ammonite Glass Bowl
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3524
Iron, distressed Smartie Clock
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4597
Horse Head Trio
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4662

Adding decorative elements here and there makes the place more personal and shows off your aesthetic taste. To add to your decor we have a carefully selected collection of some very quirky and some very artistic decorative pieces. From pottery to clocks to chests and zodiac birth signs, the list is quite diverse. Add a touch of finesse to any of your rooms with these stunning decorative accessories.

Browse through our selection of pottery vases, Chinese bronze sculpture, decorative glass bowls, painted wall clock, hand painted boxes, large glass bowls, pottery vases and a lot more. These are the perfect elements to help add colour and style to your decor.