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Conservation & restoration

Furniture conservation & restoration

The difference between restoration & conservation

All too often, good old pieces of furniture can be spoiled by an over-zealous attempt to make them look perfect, and as new, masking signs of use and sometimes replacing perfectly good but damaged timber with inferior, modern replacements.  At its worst, this resulted in such ‘furniture factories’ as sprang up in the first quarter of the 20th century, altering pieces of furniture or even manufacturing ‘antiques’ which were in fact composite pieces made from salvaged components.

If you are looking for furniture that has been stripped, sanded and refinished to look like new this is not the website for you. We would urge you to look for reproduction or replica furniture which is very pleasing in its own right.  This will help to preserve our diminishing stocks of historic furniture from the clutches of insensitive, so-called restorers who, out of ignorance, carry out such trade.

The restoration work that is done on ‘Piper Chatfield’s antique furniture has at its heart the concept of conservation: this involves the wish to stabilise, strengthen and maintain the integrity of old furniture, working wherever possible with materials to match the age and type of the original, and using reversible techniques wherever possible.