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Ankole-Watusi Horns

Ankole-Watusi Horns

We are all very aware of the devastation of Rhinos and Elephants and this makes people automatically assume working with any type of horn is harmful and damaging to the environment.  Many people are not used to seeing cows with horns, particularly not this large.
The Ankole-Watusi (pronounced an-KO-leh), also known as Ankole-Longhorn is a show-stopping breed of cattle originally native to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. They have existed for over 6,000 years and are often called 'the cattle of kings'. Their meat is very low in fat and cholesterol. Their large distinctive horns, that can reach up to 8 feet (2.4m) from root to tip are used for defence and cooling by blood-vesseled honeycombs. Ankole-Watusi cattle weigh from 900lb to 1,600lb (408k to 725k).  Living in the savannas and open grass-lands their diet consists of grass and leaves.

They are bred for their dairy and meat, just as cows are in the rest of the world.  Everything is eaten and the skin is used for leather which leaves the horn, which is neither edible nor profitable and is usually burned as waste unless it is used for decorative products.

Colours will vary.

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