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Replica Kudo Horns on Ebonized Wooden Base

Replica Kudo Horns on Ebonized Wooden Base

The Greater Kudu is one of the largest species of Antelope and is found in woodland throughout eastern and southern Africa.  Its large horns have two and a half twists.  If they were straightened, they would reach an average length of 120 cm (47"), with the record being 187.64 cm (73.87")!

Bulls weigh 190-270 kg (420-600 lb) and stand up to 160 cm (63") tall at the shoulder.

Set in a lovely ebonized wooden base this pair of beautiful replica horns will command attention wherever they are placed in your home.

H 107cm x W 40cm x D 24cm

Stock Number: 2146 Price: SOLD (Awaiting new stock)