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» Jenny Worrall

Jenny Worrall  of Jenny Worrell Designs has a reputation for designing lamps that are quintessentially English and often referred to as “The antiques of the future”.

Each piece of glass is skillfully hand-decorated using the traditional Victorian technique of Potichomania. The beautifully flawless glass is blown to Jenny’s exacting specification, where the depth of the glass creates a somewhat ethereal feel to the images placed inside.

Working from her airy studio in Devon, Jenny sketches out a rough design which she loosely adheres to the inside of the glass ‘blank’ to create the master sample. Exquisitly detailed images of the design are then set on a template and carefully printed.

They are carefully cut out with a combination of scissors and scalpels by a team of skilled craftsmen. The decoupage images are meticulously adhered to the inside of the glass using a grid system to ensure that each decal is placed correctly following the master sample.

The base is then decorated in a variety of paint finishes, creating a stunning, almost translucent effect and making each piece a work of art.

To complete the look the pot is then finished with a soft tonal metallic coloured base. The end result is a beautiful table lamp where each table lamp base design is unique.

Lampshades are purchased separately.  All of our lamps are displayed with appropriate shades but other styles and materials are available to special order.