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Lighting » Other Modern Lighting

Brighten up your life. Pick from our dazzling collection of lighting solutions. We have some of the most fascinating lighting solutions to set the mood for any occasion.
Floral, industrial, curvy or simple! You name it and we have it! Glance through this section of modern lighting to admire our collection of glass bedside table lamps, chandelier floor lamps, contemporary antique brass table lamp shades, antique art deco lighting, lamp shades for table lamps, living room nickel table lamps and more.

Medium Nickel Lantern
Item: 5183
Blue Fairy Vine Lamp & Shade
£169 (Including shade)
Item: 5004
Nickel Chain Lamp with Black Round Shade
Item: 4973
Floral Sprays Lamp and Shade
Item: 4760
Shiny Copper Floor lamp
Item: 4938
Antique Copper Task Lamp
£152 (In Copper)
Item: 4839
Black Chrome Task Lamp
£90 (In Black)
Item: 4838
35cm Silk Tapered Cylinder Shade in Duck Egg
Item: 4837
35cm Silk Tapered Cylinder Shade
Item: 4836
40cm Almond Silk Knife Pleat Empire Shade
£49 (As illustrated)
Item: 4834
Black and Gold Metal Pendant
Item: 4811/4812
Antique Copper Palm Tree Table Lamp Base
£84.5 (Including shade)
Item: 4806/4807
Antique Brass Table Lamp
Item: 4790
25cm Taupe Tapered Poly Cotton Shade
Item: 4788/4789
25cm Grey Tapered Poly Cotton shade
Item: 4785/4786
40cm Poly Cotton Knife Pleat Shade in Taupe
Item: 4782
50cm Knife Pleat Shade in Almond
Item: 4776-4778
Electrified Large Hanging Lantern
£237 (Electrified)
Item: 4377
'Carrine' Antique Brass Twin Table lamp
£325 (As Illustrated)
Item: 2059
Brass and Crystal Chandelier
Item: 4620
Classic Vase Lamp with Veined Crackle Finish
Item: 4216
Grey Glass Table Lamp and Shade
Item: 4331
Nickel and Clear Glass Spherical Lantern
Item: 4560
Small Nickel and Clear Glass Lantern
Item: 4714
Antiqued Brass & Clear Glass Pendant
Item: 4558
Jar Lamp with Blue Dragons
£155 (Including shade)
Item: 4221
Antiqued Brass Moroccan Style Pendant
Item: 4353
Large Blue and White Vase Lamp and Shade
Item: 4485
Beautiful Glass Droplet Chandelier
Item: 4656
Satin Grey Desk Lamp
Item: 2043
Nickle Twisted Table lamp with Shade
£267 (Including shade)
Item: 020
Stylish Nickle Table Lamp with Shade
£278 (Including shade)
Item: 019
Elegant Nickle Table lamp and Shade
£323 (Including shade)
Item: 018
Blue Crystal Table Lamp with Champagne Shade
£278 (Including shade)
Item: 017
Stone Grey and Blue Floral 14" Jar Lamp
£135 (Including shade)
Item: 3621
Round Ball Lamp
Item: 4101
Blue/Black Shoulder Vase Lamp
Item: 4670
Ball Cage Pendant
Item: 0008
Red Glass Table Lamp
Item: 0006
Small Chandelier with Black Shade
£625 (One available)
Item: 4230
Art Deco Inspired Antique-Brass Table Lamp
Item: 198
Art Deco Inspired Floor Lamp
£812 (Out of stock )
Palm leaf nickel table lamp
Rectangular Jar lamp with Butterflies and Flowers
SOLD (Including shade Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4764
Blue Jar Lamp with Birds and Flowers
SOLD (Including shade Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4761
Antique Copper Hammered Pot Lamp
SOLD (Base only Awaiting New Stock)
Item: 4804
Gold Palm Tree Floor Lamp
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4793/4794
Shiny Gold Pineapple Table Lamp
SOLD (Base only Awaiting New Stock)
Item: 4787
Pineapple Lamp Plus Shade in Antique Silver
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4783
Blue and White Bedside Lamp
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4821
Small Crystal Table Lamp
SOLD (Including shade OUT OF STOCK)
Item: 4318
Tall 5 Arm Chrome Floor Lamp
SOLD (Including bulbs Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4693
The Bai Mei Lamp and Shade
Item: 4580
Melon Jar Lamp with Floral Decoration and Shade
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 5126/5127
Porcelain Vase Lamp and Shade
Item: 3228
Three Arm Ribbed Glass Bowl Pendant
Item: 4315
Large Nickel Lantern
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4803
Nickel Palm Tree Table Lamp and Shade
SOLD (Including shade Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4322/3
Large Nickel Angled Floor Lamp
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3923
Classic Four Light Lantern
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3414
Murcury Sphere Lamp with Shade
SOLD (Awaiting New Stock)
Item: 3133
Square Pillar Vase Lamp
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3617
Silvered Jar Lamp with Birds & Flowers
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 4219
Red Dragon Jar Lamp
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 3226
Extremely Stylish Nickel Table Lamp Shade Included
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 5051
Contemporary Antiqued Brass Table Lamp with Shade
SOLD (Awaiting New Stock)
Item: 2023
Small Nickel Ceiling Lantern
SOLD (Awaiting new stock)
Item: 1568
Smokey Grey Crackled Vase Lamp
SOLD (Awaiting New Stock)
Item: 3207 / 2169