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Beautiful Table Lamps by Jenny Worrall

The exquisite collection of English Lamps by the famous Jenny Worrall, have been aptly described as ‘The Antiques of the Future” in the lighting industry. These have been so named for all the right reasons as the unique range of glass lamps, all hand created using the traditional Victorian techniques, portray skilled craftsmanship and are absolutely unique and flawless.
What sets these apart is the attention to detail in the production process and the smart designs. The art of painting the beautiful designs inside the glass body gives these the appearance of porcelain lamps. These lamps cast a magical glow which is all the more enhanced because of the perfect depth given to the glass. Every lamp is scrutinized by Jenny herself and the intricately detailed designs are created by her alone right from scratch.
The Jenny Worrall collection of lamps gets its inspiration from the Victoria and Albert museum and the Royal Horticultural Society. These exquisite hand crafted pieces of art are absolutely stunning and are well suited in the chic modern interiors making wonderful lighting statements.
Here at Piper Chatfield we have a wide range of the exclusive Jenny Worrall collection.

Do have a look at the stunning variety of these very English looking lighting solutions.