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What Is A Limited Edition Print?

There are quite a few artists who produce limited editions prints alone. These are often signed by the artist in pencil. These prints are also numbered in certain cases like for example 67/100 which shows the unique number of that particular copy and the total size of the edition. The artists during the earlier times resorted to different techniques of printing to produce multiple images of their art work. These techniques differed greatly from the technology of mass production printing. The artists of the time came to be known as the ‘printmakers’ and 'Printmaking' from the artist’s perspective became distinctly separate from 'printing'. Limited Edition Prints became synonymous with hand crafted, labour intensive artworks which fetched a higher value as compared to the mass productions.

An example of a non limited edition print is Smacks Off Southwold by John Knapp-Fisher

This print of dimensions:Width 50cm x Height 40cm is unmounted and unframed.

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